What is a Web Service?

The Web Service offered by allows media organizations to add real time snow reports and resort information for ski resorts throughout the world. The web service uses HTTP requests to specific URLs, using URL parameters as arguments. The service returns the data as JSON for parsing and/or processing by your application.

Here is an example resort snowreport webservice request:[resort_id]/snowreport?token=[token]
where [resort_id] indicates the particular resort requested and [token] is the authorization token unique to your account.

Your authentication token is a required parameter. All service requests must include a valid token. Token information can be found here - Authentication/Credit Line Resource .

By default, the data is returned in imperial(inches, feet etc...). Language and Country parameters can be passed to change the language and metric type. Ex: &country=CH&language=de . More info can be found here - Language and Metrics

Getting Started

This will help you get started on the API, Country and Resorts choices. Get Started

REST Resources

This API supports a Representational State Transfer (REST) model for accessing a set of resources through a fixed set of operations. The following resources are accessible through the RESTful model:

Languages And Metrics

Defaults:: English (, Imperial.

The language and metric type can be changed by passing a language and country parameter. Example:

Note: By default, the data is returned in imperial(inches, feet etc...). You must include both language and country in your query string to override the default language/metric.

We currently support the following languages:

cs CZ Metric
da DK Metric
de DE Metric
de AT Metric
de CH Metric
enUS Imperial
en AU Metric
enCA Metric
enGB Metric
en NZ Metric
es ES Metric
esMX Metric
fr FR Metric
fr BE Metric
fr CA Metric
fr CH Metric
it IT Metric
itCH Metric
nl NL Metric
nl BE Metric
no NO Metric
pl PL Metric
ptBR Metric
ruRU Metric
skSK Metric
sv SE Metric